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arCuretecture is an architectural firm providing comprehensive building design and consulting services for all project types and delivery methods. Our diverse experience and industry relationships enable our client’s visions to become realities.

It’s about YOU … not us

Success to us is not about a building. It’s about incorporating our expertise and ideas into a design that is fueled by our client’s vision. We strive to bring success to both projects and people and to build lasting relationships.


designing to EXCEED client expectation

At arCuretecture, every project is considered for its unique variables. We strive to understand our client’s organizational culture, function and needs in order to deliver a design that achieves their goals.

our TEAM for your project

Our firm is ready to add value to your established team or bring a team of experienced consultants to the table. We have well established relationships with expert consultants which enable us to develop project budgets that are all-inclusive, accurate and defensible for our clients.


RE-ENVISIONING later living

Today, older adults have different expectations and desires than the previous generation. Our firm has done extensive research to understand the many variables that must be considered when designing for this new generation of seniors. We understand that to exceed client expectations demands reinvisioning later living.


Our Services
Comprehensive Building Design Services

Comprehensive architectural design focuses on the design of a single building or buildings, the integration of material selections, mechanical, acoustical, structural, landscape and lighting designs, and two-and three-dimensional studies for coordination. The design process moves progressively through the following phases: Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents. Our approach to the design process begins with our client’s vision and our first step is to understand the client’s objectives, goals, budget, schedule, programmatic needs as well as design preferences.

Master Planning

Master Planning provides a comprehensive analysis of the condition of a site and what it’s going to take to make our client’s strategic planning goals come to fruition on that site. During Master Planning, we take all aspects of the project into account, including budgetary, topography, neighboring properties, views, and other design options. Depending on the project, the master plan involves design information for uses, heights, setbacks.

Project Budgeting

Through our Project Budgeting service, a total estimated cost of completing each project activity over each phase of a project is determined. An accurate budget helps set expenditure expectations and is critical in getting project approval and financing, ensuring funds are ready at the right time, and measuring performance. Our firm has long-term relationships with excellent consultants which results in budget accuracy that our client’s can count on.

Bidding and Negotiation

Bidding & Negotiation involves organizing a bidding process, making a contractor selection, and negotiating a construction contract. Selecting a contractor and negotiating the construction contract is an extremely important part of every project and we bring experience, clarity and guidance to the selection process. 

Project Management

Through our Project Management service, we provide senior-level oversight for construction projects from planning to completion. This encompasses the management of all aspects of the design and construction process of a building project, from developing and reviewing building plans to coordinating the varying disciplines and addressing the needs of the Contractor. Additionally, Project Management involves making sure a project meets environmental and zoning standards and building codes. We manage all projects with a top priority of staying on Schedule and within Budget for our clients.

Contract Administration

Our Contract Administration service provides oversight and execution of a construction contract during the preconstruction and construction phases of a project. This can involve providing clarifications, submittal review, recommendations for payment, preparation of change orders, and other administrative services included in the agreement with the Owner or Constractor.

Third-Party Contract Administration

Our Third-Party Contract Administration service provides pay application review and certification for financial institutions or Owners. Our review process consists of on-site visits for line-item reviews and photographs. A thorough report of the findings is then developed for the client and any concerns are communicated. Our service also provides the incorporation of Change Orders into the contract as well as dispute resolution consulting.

Permitting Services

Sometimes all an Owner needs is assistance getting a Building Permit for their project. Our firm can help get you through this process faster as we have knowledge of the local codes, relationships with local authorities and extensive experience with the Permittig process.

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